TOM KEIFER shares new music video for ‘A Different Light’

The music video for the song “And another light” from Tom Keefer can be seen below. The track was taken from Tom2013’s critically acclaimed solo debut album, “The Way Life Goes”.

KeiferThe story of began as a singer-songwriter, guitarist and frontman of a heavy rock band CINDERELLA. His signature voice, guitar and bluesy, no-BS arena-shattering songwriting have been instrumental in moving records to 15 million worldwide. Tom Keefer has enjoyed continued recording and touring success with #keiferbandTom Keefer, Savannah Keifer, Tony Higbee, Billy Mercer, Kendra Chantel, Jared Pope and Corey Meyers — releasing two critically acclaimed solo albums, the aforementioned “The Way Life Goes” and “Rise”.

“Rise”issued in September 2019 on Records of Cleopatrafeatures the rousing, stunning rock singles “The Death Of Me” and “Hype”. Both singles charted in the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 40. Keiferdeep rooted roots shine to the very core “Rise”something that lies at the very heart of his music created during the multi-platinum era CINDERELLA days.

“When this group came together, we all felt a bit like broken souls, each with our own unique story,” Tom explain. “If you ask anyone in the band, they would all say that this band came along at the right time. Every person who walks this planet faces challenges and extreme hardships to overcome. As a group, we feel fortunate to be able to face these things together. There is a part of each member of the group in “The Death Of Me” as throughout ‘Rise’ album.”

The common thread of each song “Rise” is the intuitive interaction between each member of #keiferbanda tight-knit yet laid-back collective who have spent the last few years on the road honing their craft live together. “Rise” is the studio-grown equivalent of a band just now realizing the full extent of its powers.

“We were trying to capture the feel of what people have witnessed live with this band,” Keifer explain. “It has an off-the-rails, real live feel ‘Rise’ — and that’s what we were going for. It shows a real kind of angst and reckless abandon that we tried not to gloss over too much. And when we bring it back to ballads, it’s more about emotion and soul and making people feel something in a different way.”

“To me, the perfect rock and roll record is perfectly screwed up” Keifer he said with a hearty laugh. “You try to make every record interesting and different. I never want to make the same record twice, even though there is a common thread between them. Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly in place, but there is a balance that you try to strike. Sometimes there might be something in it that isn’t technically ‘right’, but it has a vibe and an energy and an attitude to it that I always try to keep.”

In March 2022 Keifer said it was “not prepared” for the 2021 transition CINDERELLA guitarist Jeff LaBarre. Jeff was found dead by his wife, Debinique Salazar-Labar, on July 14, 2021, at his Nashville apartment. He was 58 years old.

“I must tell you that you are never prepared for this kind of loss; you are not ready to hear such things,’ Keifer said SiriusXM‘c “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”. “And everyone is still trying to grieve and process it. This is an emotional topic. Jeff was just such a passionate, amazing person, musician, person. He had a huge heart. And that was hard, man. It still is, for everyone.”

Tom continued: “Jeff and I had a really good relationship throughout my career. Obviously in groups there are times when there are differences; it’s part of being in a band. It’s true what people say about bands — that they’re like family, but honestly, it’s even more intense because there are so many different aspects that make up the dynamic between bands; everything from business to creativity and everything in between. But for all the differences we’ve had over the years and the band as a whole, as I’ve always said, we’ve never put out anything like this.

Jeff and I had a great relationship,” Keifer it’s repeating. “I loved Jeff “I really did—and I have such great memories of our trip together.” He was amazing and not only in what he contributed to the music. Jeff had such a great sense of humor and some of my favorite memories with Jeff we just meet together on the bus. We were both big movie fans and could quote almost all of our favorite movies. And we sat in the front parlor and quoted “Arthur” and “The Big Lebowski” and “Caddyshack”. He was just passionate, a really fun guy to be around, and obviously an amazing performer. He was a huge part of CINDERELLA.

“Like I said, you’re never ready for it. And everyone is really honest… I’m in a relationship with Eric [Brittingham, bass] and Fred [Coury, drums] regularly — everyone close to him — and we’re still trying to process it. We really are.”

Although CINDERELLA hasn’t released a new studio album since 1994 “Still Climbing”the band began playing sporadic gigs again in 2010, but has been largely inactive for the past few years, while Keifer focused on his solo career.

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