Top 10 Best NETFLIX Movies for the Money

Netflix has brought some of the best movies about money to our home screens, and I’ve got the scoop on the top 10 must-sees for anyone looking to learn about finance, money and wealth. From the stories of Wall Street to Silicon Valley, these films explore the highs and lows of the money game and will leave you entertained and educated. So, grab some popcorn and settle in as I take you through the top 10 money-making movies currently streaming on Netflix in the US.

Eat the Rich: The Gamestop Saga

This movie takes us back to GameStop’s short run in 2021, when a group of Reddit users made millions by betting against hedge funds that were shorting GameStop stock. The film highlights the power and ability of online communities to disrupt traditional financial systems. This is an excellent financial documentary about the modern stock market and how the parabolic rise of Gamestop’s “meme stock” has affected ordinary people. Some got rich, but most still lost money because they bought too late.

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street

This film tells the story of Bernie Madoff, a former stockbroker and investment advisor convicted of running the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff’s fraud spanned decades, and this film explores the consequences of greed and the danger of people blindly trusting the financial industry. Interestingly, Madoff pulled this whole scheme off by returning approximately 1% per month and claiming no withdrawals or losses on assets under management for clients. This documentary shows how much people want constant returns and no losses on their investment capital and how one man took advantage of that desire.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

This thrilling film follows the FBI’s pursuit of Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind Silk Road, an online black market notorious for illegal activities. The film delves into the world of cryptocurrency and the dark side of the internet, as well as the lengths law enforcement will go to in order to bring criminals to justice. This can be considered the origin story of Bitcoin’s use case at scale. A must watch for Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts or anyone interested in the early rise of cryptocurrency in the real world before it became a speculative bubble.


“WORK” is a biographical drama that tells the story of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., one of the most innovative and influential companies in the world. Ashton Kutcher does a great job as Steve Jobs in the film, capturing his mannerisms and style. The film offers a look at Jobs’ life and work, from his early days as a college dropout to his rise as a pioneer in the personal computer industry.

The film highlights Jobs’ passion for technology and his entrepreneurial spirit that drove him to take risks and pursue his vision of creating revolutionary products. By portraying Jobs’ leadership style, the film demonstrates the importance of innovation, creativity and teamwork in building a successful business.

The film also delves into Steve Jobs’ personal life, exploring his relationship with his daughter and his struggles with health issues. The film portrays Jobs as a complex and flawed individual, highlighting his strengths and weaknesses and offering a humanizing portrayal of a technology industry icon.

Overall, WORK is a fun and educational film that provides insight into tech entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of taking risks, pursuing passion and fostering a culture of innovation. Whether you’re a fan of Apple Inc. or simply interested in the story of one of the most successful companies of our time, WORK is a must-see film that will inspire and entertain.

The discoverer

This movie tells the story of Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into the fast food empire it is today. The film explores Kroc’s journey from a struggling milkshake machine salesman to the founder of one of the world’s largest and most successful restaurant chains. The film highlights the importance of persistence and business savvy in achieving success. It shows the genius of McDonald’s franchising and business model. This is the fascinating story of Ray Kroc’s rise to success late in life. Michael Keaton does a great job portraying Croc.

The pursuit of happiness

This biographical drama tells the story of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman who becomes homeless with his young son. Despite numerous setbacks, Gardner continues to search for a better life, eventually finding work as a stockbroker. The film highlights the importance of persistence, hard work and determination to achieve financial stability. This is an inspiring story for anyone who starts from the bottom with nothing, showing what is possible.


This movie is based on the true story of a group of MIT students who use their math skills to win millions of dollars playing blackjack in Las Vegas. The film explores the psychology of gambling and the dangers of getting too caught up in the thrill of the game. The film also emphasizes the importance of using knowledge and strategy to beat the odds.

Molly’s Game

This film tells the true story of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skier who becomes the operator of an exclusive high-stakes poker game. The film explores the world of underground gambling and the dangers of getting involved in illegal activities. The film also emphasizes the importance of ethics and personal responsibility.

The white tiger

This film follows the journey of a young man from a poor background in rural India as he navigates the complex world of business and entrepreneurship. The film explores themes of class and social mobility and the challenges of breaking out of a predetermined path in life. A great film for everyone in the world as it leaves the confines of the typical American and shows life from a global perspective.

The washing machine

This film is a satirical look at the Panama Papers scandal that exposed the scale of offshore tax evasion and money laundering by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations. The film explores the corrupt practices that allow the wealthy to evade taxes and launder money through offshore accounts. The film offers a satirical take on the scandal, using humor and wit to highlight the absurdity of the corrupt practices that allow some people to avoid paying taxes.

The film follows the story of Ellen Martin, a widow whose life is turned upside down after her husband dies in a boating accident. As Ellen seeks justice and redress, she uncovers a web of fraud and corruption that stretches from Panama to the highest levels of global finance.

Through a series of interconnected vignettes, the film exposes the hidden world of offshore tax havens and money laundering, shedding light on how some super-rich people take advantage of legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes and hide their profits.

Overall, The Laundromat is a thought-provoking and entertaining film that sheds light on the dark side of global finance. It offers an insightful and humorous look at the Panama Papers scandal, offering a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and corruption. If you’re interested in finance and economics or love a good satire, The Washing Machine is a movie you won’t want to miss.


The top 10 Netflix movies for the money listed above are not only entertaining but also educational. Each film tells a unique story about money, wealth or the financial industry, exploring the highs and lows of the money game. These films provide insight into business, finance and economics, highlighting the importance of innovation, persistence and ethics in achieving success.

From the shocking stories of Bernie Madoff and Molly Bloom to the entrepreneurial stories of Steve Jobs and Ray Kroc, these films offer diverse perspectives on the world of business and finance. They also explore the dangers of greed and the importance of responsible decision-making.

Whether you’re interested in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, or professional gambling, there’s a movie on this list. So if you want to learn about the money game while having fun, grab some popcorn and settle in for a marathon of the 10 best Netflix movies for money.

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