Tourism Fiji launches refreshed new brand platform ‘Where Happiness Comes Naturally’

A group of local schoolchildren play on the beach in the Yasawa Islands.

Fiji Tourism unveiled a revamped version of their famous ‘happiness’ brand platform yesterday, just over a year after the borders reopened to tourists.

The brand’s new platform, “Where Happiness Comes Naturally” is a meaningful evolution that pays homage to Fiji’s indigenous people, stunning natural environment, rich culture and authentic experiences on offer, encouraging travelers to discover a side of Fiji they may not have known existed.

A recent survey of sustainable travel revealed that 66 percent of travelers want to have authentic experiences representative of local culture. Fiji tourism is benefiting from a growing consumer desire for meaningful travel that connects with culture and communities.

Brent Hill, CEO, Tourism Fiji, commented: “For over a decade our tourism brand platform“Where Happiness Finds You” attracted people from all over the world.

“During the peak of the pandemic, visitor numbers fell to almost 30,000 a year. As our borders have closed and tourist numbers have dwindled, Fijians have shown themselves to be resilient and resourceful, bringing a strong sense of community and entrepreneurship. Since then, our visitor numbers have grown steadily, reaching 102.5 percent of pre-pandemic numbers in December 2022.

“Since short booking windows have become the norm, we wanted to roll it out “Where Happiness Comes Naturally” to capture this demand and welcome even more visitors back to Fiji in 2023, showing them a side of the country they may not have experienced. We are a small island nation with a lot of happiness to offer and this new brand platform showcases the vibrant and diverse cultures and traditions that exist in Fiji.”

As part of the evolution of the Tourism Fiji brand, it has announced five new pillars of travel that it will develop and promote to tourists; Natural environment, adventure experiences, community connections, recharging and reconnecting and food and drink. They showcase a core range of authentic experiences visitors can have in Fiji, such as:

  1. Natural environment – explore the wonders of Fiji that have been formed over thousands of years and connect with nature; Talk Treks‘ 2 – 5 night treks allow people to discover another side of Fiji only accessible on foot.
  2. Adventure experiences – for those looking for adrenaline-filled drifting adventures, give it a try Rainbow Reef – an underwater paradise discovered by Jacques Cousteau and known as the soft coral capital of the world.
  3. Community Relations – take part in a tradition Kava drinking ceremony which dates back 3 millennia. The botanical wonder is used in Fiji as a form of welcome at traditional social gatherings and in cultural and religious ceremonies.
  4. Recharge and reconnect – soothe the soul with a dip in Sabeto mud pool and hot springs. The therapeutic experience offers a natural means to restore mind, body and spirit.
  5. Food and drinks – splurge on a personalized chef experience at a luxury resort Kokomo with local chef Caroline Oakley, known for her ‘cook with heart and soul’ approach to food.

The launch also includes a new logo that combines modern and bold typography with the traditional Fijian art form of masi. It was designed by Tourism Fiji’s global brand and creative agency Host/Havas, in collaboration with third generation artist Wati Maraiwai Talavutu.

She commented: “Getting the opportunity to create a new logo that celebrates our heritage and showcases our traditions to the world was an amazing experience. I’m proud to be part of this new campaign that celebrates Fiji and the happiness we live and breathe every day.”

To showcase the brand’s new platform, Tourism Fiji captured its vibrant Fijian spirit with the help of renowned National Geographic photographer Matthew Paley.

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