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When Music Spotlight artist Shaylan moved from LA to Nashville, she had high hopes, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

She admitted: “The first month I was here I was scared to death. I cried every day. I was like, “What did I do?” And then about a month passed. I adjusted. And then I made such great friends. The community was so welcoming.”

Although her music career began on the pop side of music, with four acclaimed country singles released to date — “What If I Don’t,” “Roots,” “Do It Right The First Time” and “Closest Thing To Closure” — Shailene has earned her hold on the country scene. Just after her debut country single “What If I Don’t” broke 10 million streams on Spotify, the song was added to Spotify’s “Hot Country” playlist, one of the most popular playlists on the platform with over 7 million followers, including the most -the top country hits of the week worldwide.

“I’m so glad they responded to it because it just feels like the most authentic I’ve felt in my entire career. Even now, listening to some of my pop music, I’m like, “Wow, that doesn’t even sound like me.” It always sounded like I was trying to figure out who this girl was. And now I’m just able to write stuff that’s so authentic to me, and I’ve had the absolute best time doing it,” Shaylan said.

As for the songwriting process, Shaylan advised, “It was so refreshing to even be in the room with some of these people and be in a whole new way as far as the lyrical side for me and get the twist and the story. It was so good to just work with some of the best writers I’ve ever written with.”

She weaves a beautiful and moving story of heartbreak in her latest single, “Cowboys Never Cry.” Lyrically, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. She sings There he is in the rearview mirror/He opened up wide like the Tennessee River/ Face got even redder than my taillights/Standing on the porch yelling “Come back baby”/ That F150 almost did a 180/ When I saw those tears yeah falling from his eyes/ Where was that all the time/ I thought cowboys never cried. If the words weren’t enough, Shaylon’s delivery of the song takes it to the next level.

Music Spotlight artist Spencer Crandall discovered her soon after her arrival and was blown away by her voice. When he added her vocals, he changed his song “To Be Continued…” from a good song to a great song.

Shaylan’s voice is on the edgier side of country music with a pop-rock edge. One of the highlights of 2023 for her was when she teamed up with Hinder’s Austin John Winkler for the remake of their mega-hit ‘Lips of An Angel’. Her manager was friends with one of the original producers, Brian House. They wanted to revisit the song 18 years later from a female perspective and thought Shailene would be a good person to demonstrate what the song could be if Winkler teamed up with someone like Gabby Barrett or Carrie Underwood.

After leaving the locals, Winkler said, “I want you on it.” Shaylan was like “Wait, what? It’s crazy.” It was a big role to take on, but it was an honor. Once you hear their version of the song and watch the video, you know Winkler couldn’t have picked a better duet partner than Shaylen. Their chemistry is magical.

Having been with a label in the past, Shailene enjoys her freedom as an independent artist.

She explained: “I go back to my team and I’m like, ‘Here’s what’s coming.’ And no one scolds me about it. And I just sometimes have a gut feeling like, “This has to come out.” And they’re like, “Okay, great.”

Some may remember Shailene from her early days on the hit teen show, The Wannabeswhich featured the pop group Savvy and followed the lives of high school classical performing arts students who want to be pop stars.

But now, as an older and wiser artist, Cheyenne has embraced her country roots and come alive. (She was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee.) She focuses on making her heart happy. And now that she has, she brings us the best music of her career.

Now that Shailene has settled into her new hometown of Nashville, people have noticed that she has blossomed into becoming the best version of herself.

Be sure to be on the lookout for her next single, “Been There Before,” which drops January 5th.

You can follow Shaylan on her Instagram, Facebook, X(Twitter), TikTok and all streaming services.

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