Trinity Life Sciences outlines investment strategies and tactics to calibrate a patient-centric approach to rare diseases

New advisory discusses four pillars to focus resource allocation, improve patient care and ensure a differentiated partnership with patients

WALTHAM, Massachusetts, November 20, 2023—(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences commercialization solutions, outlines investment strategies and tactics for calibrating a patient-centric approach to rare diseases in its new advisory. The brief outlines four pillars that focus resource allocation, improve patient care, and provide a differentiated partnership with patients. Within the nuances of each disease, companies must effectively address the challenges surrounding patient identification and treatment, as well as provide long-term support.

The advisory available today discusses four key pillars that life sciences leaders can use to drive positive patient outcomes:

  1. Shape the disease ecosystem and referral pathways to ensure patients are identified, diagnosed and brought into the treatment funnel.

  2. Invest in patient identification strategies and tactics, such as AI and machine learning (AIML) claims analytics, to find and target the right patients for clinical trials and future treatments.

  3. Develop ways to engage with patients, showing commitment to their disease by elevating the patient voice and empowering patient communities.

  4. Offer tailored and personalized Patient Support Services (PSS) based on deep patient insights to smooth the patient experience from diagnosis to ongoing treatment and management.

“Rare disease brands face challenges that are different from mainstream therapies and must find new ways of working to achieve positive outcomes,” explained Jennifer Parr, Partner and Head of Patient Orientation at Trinity Life Sciences. “Strategies and tactics must be tailored to each disease to evolve the ongoing patient journey and direct resource allocation in the most impactful ways.”

The challenges and solutions in relation to each of the four pillars are discussed in a new consultation note entitled Calibrating a patient-centered approach in rare diseases: four pillars to focus resource allocation. By focusing on the strategies and tactics described in the advisory note, rare disease manufacturers can:

  • Help shape the rare disease ecosystem by ensuring patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) have the latest information.

  • Ensure healthcare professionals use a data-driven approach to find, appropriately diagnose and provide appropriate patient care.

  • Emphasize an ongoing commitment to patients and raise their profile as patient-centric organizations and leaders.

Life sciences executives are welcome to download the advisory here.

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