Turns out there’s a new trend on TikTok where people are posting about their DINK lifestyle, which translates to double income, no kids

Humanity has evolved to the point in its existence where people strive for more than simply growing up to have children, raise them, and then question the purpose of their lives for the rest of their lives.

People now have choices and it is easier than ever to pursue them because there are fewer restrictions and less judgment than ever before. That’s why the childless, dual-income family is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by a viral TikTok video of DINK Kate.

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A woman went viral because she shared a snippet of her day as a DINK and people were interested to know more

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“The DINK vlog I posted yesterday. That thing really jumped out.”

“Let’s talk about some of the most common questions and comments I’ve received about it.

‘What does DINK mean?’ So DINK stands for “double income, no kids.” We are newlyweds, we have no children and we both have jobs.

“Are we planning to be a DINK forever?” Maybe. I made a video a few weeks ago where I talk more about this. I’ll put it in the comments for more context. But basically, it’s always been a constant discussion for us whether we’re going to have kids or not. I personally would like to help normalize this in the relationship, so if you have any questions about what this process has looked like for us, leave them in the comments.

“Do you hate kids?” no We have friends with kids and we also have nephews and we love spending time with them and of course pampering them.

‘It’s sad.’ Okay.

“You need a dog and then you can become a DINKWAD – ‘double income, no kids, with a dog.’” I actually got my husband a puppy for our wedding last August, so we’ll be bringing home a little bundle of joy this spring or summer. Don’t worry, puppy content is on the way too.

“I go pizza and grocery shopping with my kids all the time. You don’t have to be a DINK to do this. Sounds like a lovely family outing. But my friend, I don’t think I’ve said anything in this video that says otherwise. I’m not here to punish people with children. I’m just sharing a part of my life that currently happens to be this. The fact that you have children has nothing to do with me being a DINK, and the fact that I am a DINK has nothing to do with you having children. I know the discourse around this topic can get a little heated, but I always try to be respectful to everyone here, whether they have kids or not.

Image credits: @engelthang

Image credits: @engelthang

Image credits: @engelthang

Kate is a content creator on TikTok and not too long ago most of her videos were wedding planning related as she prepared for her own wedding. She then begins to share her life as a married woman.

The couple doesn’t have kids right now, so they are what they consider DINKs, as explained in the video. The woman made the video in response to people’s interest in another video in which she simply went to Costco with her husband and ate pizza, but presented it as a DINK couple vlog.

This video already has 10.5 million views and people have had a lot of questions and comments about it, mostly positive, whether their situation is similar or different. They mentioned that not having kids and spending money only on yourself is liberating and vacations are amazing.

@engelthang I’m replying to @engelthang well I’m glad how many people can relate to this and the pocket comments give me a good laugh too 😌 here are some responses to the comments I get the most. (Video featured in this video @engelthang ) #DINKvlog #doubleincomenokids #newlyweds #justmarried #dinktok #lifeasaDINK ♬ original sound – Kate | Wedding tips and information

Investopedia confirms that the benefit of the DINK relationship is that they “often have more disposable income because they don’t have the added expenses that come with children. They also often spend less per person on housing than singles because of their ability to share kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.”

Also, DINKs are not necessarily couples who have decided not to have children. These are different definitions. Because a new couple that does not yet have children but plans to have in the future is still considered a DINK household.

Empty couples, which are couples who have already raised their children and put them out into the world to live their own lives, are DINKs, as are gay married couples, who are more likely to remain DINKs forever.

Besides having more money, David Carlson, the founder of Young Adult Money, says being a DINK gives you more mobility because when you have kids, it’s a bit difficult to move around because of school and friends, which can keep you from moving elsewhere for a better job.

Having no children, but both partners contributing to the family budget, also allows them to focus on their careers, education and their own personal development. And not spending time with the kids gives partners more time to spend more time with each other.

What could be the possible disadvantages of such a lifestyle, given that you really want to have it? Medium points out that there is potential for overspending if you’re not disciplined. You also have the tax breaks that come with having children, and they mention that “DINK couples will never experience the pleasure of having grateful children who repay the care given to them in childhood”, which may be a contradictory statement.

Certainly one lifestyle isn’t superior to another as long as it makes the person living it happy, but you can’t deny how popular childlessness is becoming. Pamela Aronson, a professor of sociology and women’s and gender studies affiliate at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, explained to Insider that social media plays a big role in why the lifestyle is becoming more popular, and more open talk about it increases “the acceptability of not having children.” And in turn, “there is a diminishing stigma around childlessness.”

Whether it’s a necessity or a conscious decision, DINK couples seem to be having the time of their lives. What would your ideal day be like living in such a household? Would you consider becoming a DINKWAD? Are you more of a traditional family person and love living at home with children? Let us know in the comments.

Many Kate viewers were also DINKs and agreed that the lifestyle was very enjoyable

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