Valdosta’s Northside Baptist, like many churches, does a lot of Christmas

By J. GERALD HARRIS, The Christian Index

VALDOSTA, Ga. – To the casual observer, it would appear that Northside Baptist Church in Valdosta exists to reach unbelievers. Northside’s pastor, Robbie Foster, is a preacher of the gospel and has led his church to focus on the value of reaching the unreached.

A recent conversation with Pastor Foster reminded us of the words of Charles Spurgeon: “Let the sun cease to shine, and we will preach in darkness. Let the waves stop their ebb and flow and our voice will preach the gospel. Let the world stop its revolutions, let the planets keep their motion; we will still preach the gospel.”

At Northside, the gospel is preached from the pulpit, but the good news of salvation is presented in countless ways at Valdosta Church. This Christmas, the church campus vibrates with the message of redemption.

The church’s music ministry presented its annual “Northside Christmas” in two services (afternoon and evening) on ​​Sunday, December 10. Jeff Scoggins, the worship pastor, explained, “As in previous years, our Christmas music included our graded choir ministry with children in grades 1 through 5, a youth choir ministry in grades 6 through 12, our adult choir, band and orchestra, drama and media ministry. About 200 members of our congregation come together to serve our community through “Christmas at Northside.”

Scoggins continued, “At Northside Worship, we have a motto: ‘Ministry is Victory.’ It means more to us than just making good music. Yes, we make good music. Yes, we strive for perfection. But our motivation is service. Serving God – worshiping Him in Spirit and truth, serving the church – building up the body of Christ, serving the world – sharing the good news so others can give their lives to Jesus.

Strong storms moved through Valdosta this Sunday, dumping 1.39 inches of rain (a record for December 10th) during the musical production. However, 1,300 people attended the two services. Pastor Foster commented, “The choir led us into worship with an amazing performance and two full houses.”

Scoggins said: “We had three people who gave their lives to Christ on Sunday, were counseled by our staff and want to go ahead with baptism. We also had a few express interest in joining Northside.

“A choir member repeatedly invited a friend to our musical. When the friend didn’t show up for the 3pm service, our choir member texted him with the live stream link. After watching part of our live broadcast, the friend told his family to get ready and they attended the 6:00 pm program. Now they want to know more about the church and join our religious family.”

On Wednesday evening, 13 Dec, the church builds a makeshift Bethlehem that points the city toward a simulated birthplace of the Savior of the world. Foster added: “The walk around Bethlehem was a wonderful attraction as people lined up all the way around the building to see a replica of what happened long ago under the starry sky in the small town of Bethlehem.

“Both the ‘Northside Christmas’ presented by our music ministry and the ‘Bethlehem Walk’ have impacted our church tremendously as we continue to reach Lowndes County with the Gospel.”

Walking through a reproduction of Bethlehem is a great way to draw attention to the true meaning of Christmas. Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, the Old Testament prophet Micah announced that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). Bethlehem reminds us that what God promises, He fulfills.

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