Vanessa Joga uses art to share history and culture

Just before the pandemic, the then-newly formed nonprofit organization Worcester Guardians of Traditions co-presented an exhibit on the Dominican Republic’s Carnival tradition for Worcester Windows at the Worcester PopUp.

“I like to tell people I had the longest running exhibit in Worcester because it stayed until everything was back to normal,” said Vanessa Joga, co-founder and executive director of Guardians of Traditions.

The exhibit, which was presented by Guardians of Traditions and Cojuelos’ Productions, was titled “Dominican Carnival: A Colorful Tale of Satire and the World” and it got a good response from the people despite the circumstances, Joga said. “It opened a lot of doors.”

So instead of giving up hope of creating Guardians of Traditions during the lockdown, Joga helped organize two virtual events and expanded the organization’s mission.

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