Vetelligence founder secures investment in NMotion, startup accelerator

A A Kansas City-based startup focused on guiding military service members into tech careers is among the latest companies selected as a top regional accelerator — bolstered by its founder’s own experience as a veteran-turned-entrepreneur.

Vetelligence — led by Zachary Oshinbanjo, who served nearly four years as an infantryman and specialist in the US Army before founding his startup — has joined 12-week growth accelerator NMotion for an equity investment. The 2023 cohort launched on May 3.

Zachary Oshinbanjo, Vetelligence; photo courtesy of NMotion

Each company in the cohort receives $100,000 in exchange for 7.5 percent equity in their company, along with access to more than 100 mentors and the opportunity to pitch to around 50 early-stage investors.

“We invested in Vetelligence because Zachary brings deep domain expertise and lived experience to capitalize on a market opportunity that we are well-positioned to help capitalize on,” said Scott Henderson, managing director of Omaha-based NMotion. “Through courage and determination, he was able to create a skills map that maps the path between various military degrees and the most commonly needed technology jobs.”

“We look forward to helping build his vision and connecting him with key people at StratCom, the Nebraska Tech Collaborative, gener8tor Skills and across the region to create high-paying career opportunities for our nation’s veterans,” he continued.

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In its first few days, the NMotion Growth Accelerator hosted its eight cohort members in person for a mix of workshops featuring NMotion/gener8tor staff and notable startup founders (such as Kyle Tatt on The piñata and Derek Homan and Rick Knudson on Workshop), tours of the local startup community, and cohort adventures (scavenger hunts in downtown Omaha, exploring the newly opened Luminarium, coffee with NMotion investors, and crab boils for Lincoln startups).

Zachary Oshinbanjo, Vetelligence; photo courtesy of NMotion

“What we’ve seen with Zachary over the last few days and throughout the recruiting process is humility combined with experience,” Henderson said Friday. “He is the epitome of ‘still waters run deep.’ He doesn’t mince words, and when he speaks, the rest of the cohort listens intently.”

Oshinbanjo noted that he was attracted to NMotion because of its proven results and hands-on approach; and it’s a source of pride that the accelerator is not far from home, he said.

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“There are tons of programs available now that provide training, resources, and connections; it really has become a time where an entrepreneur who lives in Kansas City or the Midwest can grow their business without looking to the coast or other metro centers,” Oshinbanyo said. “My intention going through the program is to continue to grow the business. I have really taken the time to be strategic with the development of the platform through research and user engagement, the NMotion program will allow me to apply this knowledge in a real way.”

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NMotion Growth Accelerator 2023 cohort; photo by Abiola Kosoko for Silicon Prairie News

Being accepted into NMotion shows that Oshinbanjo’s work through the Pipeline Pathfinder program, as well as on his own, has been meaningful, he said. A pilot in January yielded solid insights, setting the stage for an upcoming beta test, Oshinbanjo said.

The founder teased that there’s more to come, and soon.

“Vetelligence started here in KC and we will be looking to partner with organizations here that want dedicated, motivated and disciplined talent,” he said. “We’ll start by solving problems in our own backyard with the support of the Kansas City community.”

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