Vyrao, the fragrance brand blending science and mysticism

Who is it? Yasmin Sewell had spent 25 years working as a buyer and creative director in the fashion industry when, in 2019, she experienced her self-described “aha” moment. “I realized it was time to do who I really am,” she tells AnOther, reflecting on her sudden career turnaround. “I was born into a very psychic Arab family and I was always seeing and feeling things as a child, so I always had a parallel interest in spirituality and holistic health.” Instead of pursuing fashion, she decided to focus on those more esoteric yearnings, founding the wellness brand Virao in 2021. “Vyrao is really my life’s work,” explains Sewell. “It’s everything I know about brands and creativity combined with everything I love, which is energy well-being.”

Sewell calls Vyrao the first wellness brand to “combine energy healing with masterful perfumery.” It currently sells seven unisex fragrances – as well as candles and incense – each promising to help raise your energy field and provoke a variety of positive emotions. While this could easily be dismissed as “wow”, the idea that we all have changing energy frequencies influenced by our moods is rooted in science – and Sewell is keen to ensure that Vyrao is reliable in all his claims. As well as being informed by her training in Reiki and Integrative Quantum Medicine, the fragrances are also underpinned by neuroscience research, with ingredients selected for their ability to activate certain parts of the brain. “Every plant and flower we use is chosen for how it lifts your mood and spirit,” says Sewell. “Even down to the color of the bottles, color can affect your mood. We don’t just create beautiful objects, we create something that is a source of energy.

Why do I want it? The scents themselves are different and emotional. There are seven in total: for sensuality there is Free 00, a spicy combination of Sicilian lemon and Egyptian jasmine; for self-love, there is Georgette, a peppery and intoxicating Turkish rose; and happily, there is Sun Raya turmeric-focused combination of bergamot and ginger. I’m greenfor transformation, it smells like a mossy green forest after rain; Magnetic 70for Attraction, is a smoky, woody vetiver; The sixth, for intuition, is a cool yet complex herbal blend. “I use all my scents and even mix them throughout the day because of the natural formula,” says Sewell. “My current favorite is The Sixth because it encapsulates the refreshing essence of this time of year, marked by changing seasons and changing energy… This fragrance is designed to promote mindfulness and intuition, containing cypress oil and patchouli, which together reduce anxiety, improve focus and restore balance to the nervous system.”

The newest perfume in the Vyrao collection is Witchy Woo, an intoxicating and mystical blend of nutmeg, rose, incense and rare Moroccan iris. The fragrance aims to inspire “boldness and creativity”, with a breakdown of each key ingredient – and its benefits – listed on the site. “Honestly, I think that all plants and flowers, everything that comes from nature is extraordinary. We have everything we need at our fingertips,” adds Sewell. “A fragrance can evoke a brief but significant moment, a complete shift in your energetic state, an ability to experience an abundance of self-love, liberation, happiness or protection. Aroma has the potential to change everything in your body and cause a feeling of emotional upliftment. As well as all this, the ornate solid glass bottles, in deep polychrome shades, look beautiful on any dressing table.

Where can I get it? From Liberty or the Vyrao website.

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