WB Games Montreal deserves a piece of the new Arkhamverse pie


  • Batman: Arkham Origins, developed by WB Games Montreal, is often overlooked, but has gained cult status as an underrated gem in the Arkhamverse.
  • While Rocksteady deserves praise for its work in the Arkhamverse, Origins showcases WB Games Montreal’s ability to depict Batman’s first encounters with iconic characters and deliver a phenomenal story.
  • WB Games Montreal should have the opportunity to develop a modern Arkhamverse game, potentially alongside Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, to continue expanding the series with exciting stories and characters.

Almost every time, the Arkhamverse is the eponymous one Arkham games are mentioned solely with respect to Rocksteady. Indeed, Rocksteady created the Arkhamverse and put all the work into establishing its world-building, lore, and characters in an original trilogy, but it’s often forgotten that Batman: Arkham Origins was a fourth black sheep arriving between city and knight as a prequel to the entire series.

Batman: Arkham Origins is developed by WB Games Montreal, not Rocksteady, while Rocksteady will continue to develop knight Meanwhile. Now, with each passing year Origin‘ cult status is growing in popularity as an underrated gem in the Arkhamverse.


The Black Mask of the Arkhamverse got the harsh end of the deal

There are many respectable villains in the Arkhamverse with well-rounded, well-developed characters, and Roman Sionis’ Black Mask is not one of them.

WB Games Montreal earned its place in the Arkhamverse with Arkham Origins

As great as it is, Rocksteady shouldn’t be hoarding the Arkhamverse for itself

Rocksteady has definitely earned the right to most of the praise that the Arkhamverse receives. Its rich character portraits, Freeflow combat and predator stealth, and dark atmosphere are Rocksteady signatures, with Origin lacking in several of these areas when compared directly.

Of course, Origin it was never going to be a completely original stamp on the series with many of citythe assets and foundations of carried over into the background. This is clear when grapnel boosting and nose gliding around a familiar open world, although there are plenty of new landmarks and environments, such as the Bridge of Pioneers. The most obvious way Origin scalps Shelter and city is in its boss battles, which almost all consist of ideas and mechanics from Rocksteady titles.

Origin‘ Deathstroke and Copperhead fight alongside the bones of cityRa’s al Ghul’s boss fight, for example, and at the same time OriginThe Firefly boss fight looks original, aside from some inspirations from ShelterPoison Ivy boss fight. Still, what WB Games Montreal was able to accomplish on their own, taking on the responsibility of depicting Batman’s first encounters with many of the Arkhamverse’s most iconic characters, was phenomenal, and the cutscene work was superb.

WB Games Montreal should develop a modern Arkhamverse game

A knee-jerk idea would be for WB Games Montreal to put together another prequel, perhaps a trilogy of Arkham games set before Shelter. There are still about 10 years of Batman’s crime-fighting career that aren’t directly covered by Arkham games between Origin and citygiving it more than enough room to stretch its legs and include many exciting stories and characters.

However, if the series effectively moves on from Batman and expands to include the wider DC mythos, it would be great to see a WB Games Montreal Arkhamverse game set together Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League instead. Perhaps the following is necessary Suicide Squad next installment Kill the Justice League while Rocksteady is returning to single-player action-adventure, or perhaps WB Games Montreal are taking over those reins if Rocksteady is going to be overwhelmed by live-action ventures for the foreseeable future.

to be honest Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has already shown itself to be on a much different level of quality than that Gotham Knights as a current generation game and it is unknown if WB Games Montreal will be able to handle this standard of fidelity and gameplay in a modern age as opposed to a decade ago. Either way, it would seem unfair and wasteful for the Arkhamverse to flourish without WB Games Montreal, considering how great Origin‘ piece of the pie was and, nevertheless Gotham Knights wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea as DC’s original continuity, the return to the well-established Arkhamverse canon boasts another excellent entry from the developer.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins is a spin-off from Rocksteady’s main Arkham series and was developed by Splash Damage. This issue follows a younger Bruce Wayne who finds himself cornered by a mysterious villain named Black Mask.

October 25, 2013

T for Teens: Blood, drug references, language, mild suggestive themes, violence

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