What are jelly nails? 5 best manicure designs for the trend are explored

For beauty enthusiasts who love to keep up with the latest beauty trends on TikTok, jelly nails are a must-have. The gel nail trend will be everywhere this spring and summer, as editorial manicurist and founder of JINsoon Nail Lacquers, Choi Jin-soon, predicts.

Gel nails involve using one coat of colored nail polish to get an unfinished, sheer look and then adding a high gloss top coat.

A break from the classic, simple manicure, jelly nails allow one to flaunt an ultra-shiny manicure that offers a transparent finish like stained glass. And while it may seem like too much work, one can easily benefit from jelly nails at home.

The steps to create this viral manicure are as follows:

  • The necessary ingredients for creating gel nails are clear nail polish, top polish and nail polish in the desired shade.
  • Start by diluting the color with clear varnish. This hack is the technique to overcome this tendency.
  • Then drip one to two drops of colored nail polish into the clear polish and create a translucent color.
  • Apply directly to the nails and wait for it to dry. Use a top coat to seal the manicure and add a glossy shine.

Although the gel nail trend is relatively new, there are numerous designs that one can create for a unique take on the manicure.

3D Aura Manicure to Pretty in Pink Jelly Manicure: Five Best Manicure Designs for Jelly Nails

1) 3D Aura manicure:

With Sydney Sweeney wearing Aura manicured nails, the manicure got a lot of attention. This manicure combines jelly nails with an aura manicure, where you can achieve the same thing by airbrushing a small circle in the center of each nail.

The best combination for this manicure is to use a transparent shade as the base color to get a jelly-like finish.

2) Marble manicure:

Marble gel nails give a rose quartz effect and don’t require multiple tools. The marble manicure can be achieved by preparing the nails with one coat of clear nail polish and two coats of pink jelly polish.

Then use a lighter pink shade of gel polish like Clean Slate by Cirque Colors ($12.50). Drag the shadow into random patterns and areas. This technique will give it a marble effect.

Once dry, apply another coat of light pink over the spots and finish with top coat.

3) Beautiful pink jelly manicure:

Pink jelly manicure is chic and elegant. When done with French tips, it brings a modern twist to an otherwise classic nail design. One can achieve this manicure by simply prepping the nails and applying a clear base coat over which a mix of pale pink nail polish like Sally Hansen’s Rosy Quarts Nail Color ($10) with clear polish should be applied.

Then paint this mixture halfway up from the base and use a pink jelly polish like Cirque Colors’ Rose Jelly ($10) while it’s still wet. Paint the other half of the nail to give it a blended look.

Use a nail art brush and draw a curved French tip with light pink nail polish on each nail. Finish with a glossy top coat.

4) Cherry Red Jelly Tips:

Cherry Red is the color of all seasons and combining this shade with gel nails makes for an amazing manicure. Use one coat of the shade Coquette by JINsoon ($18); the color is perfect for a sheer base coat.

Use a darker shade of red to decorate the tips and seal the manicure with a glossy finish to achieve cherry red jelly tips at home.

5) Floral Jelly Mani:

A flower gel manicure is a chic yet gel manicure for people who don’t want a lot of color on their nails but still want to stick with the gel manicure trend. Adding flower decals to a gel manicure gives it a touch of grit and spice.

One can start by prepping the nails with a clear base coat and then paint each nail with two coats of a bare clear nail polish like Sally Hansen’s Sheer Nail Color in Unveiled ($10).

Place white floral decals like 3D Flower Nail Art Charms ($8) on the corner or tips of the nails and seal with top coat.

Take a break from the classic manicure and fall shades with the aforementioned unique and easy-to-create jelly manicure ideas. One only requires up to two to three products to take advantage of this on-trend manicure, and they complement any outfit and occasion.

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