What is the TikTok viral trend “name a woman”?

Following the TikTok trend asking men how often they think about the Roman Empire comes another trend, this one involving a woman’s name.

The latest trend involves couples and sees women asking their husbands or boyfriends to provide each woman’s name out of the blue. Based on the name that first comes to mind, viewers and commentators determine whether or not the man in question gave an “acceptable” answer.

In the ideal scenario, the man should respond with his significant other’s name, but some people have also accepted A-list celebrities like Zendaya or Taylor Swift. Historical figures are also considered acceptable answers, with some men naming Hillary Clinton or Susan B. Anthony in response to the prompt. One response that causes concern is when a man responds with a common female name that is not his partner’s.

For example, one video made by a TikToker named Angela featured her popping the question to her boyfriend. “Is this a trick?” he asked her. “No,” she replied. After giving the name Madison, she inserted a fake funeral message for him with a caption that read, “I’m done with him.”

The TikTok has received over six million views since it was first posted on Wednesday, December 6. Many commenters tried to give Angela’s boyfriend credit by coming up with celebrities who may have had the first name “Madison.”

Several commenters assumed he was referring to Madison Beer, while others joked about names like Madison Square Garden or James Madison. Others in the comments section joked that Angela telling her boyfriend she wasn’t “cheating” on him was actually false.

“If she says no it’s a trick, it’s a trick,” wrote one commenter. Another agreed, writing: “It’s not a trick, it’s a trap.”

Although viral videos don’t seem to be taken very seriously, Yasmin Saad, a licensed clinical psychologist, said in an interview with Business Insider that there may be more consistent results for couples.

For example, she said, a man can name a woman his partner may fear is interested in, or even name a woman who has offended her in the past. “In all cases, this challenge is based on the idea that there is something hidden, and by asking an innocuous question, their partner will either pass a test or not,” Saad said.

“Depending on the answer, the partner either betrays the woman or does not evoke negative emotions and therefore passes the test.”

Another such viral trend is the orange peel theory. The theory focuses on acts of service, such as if your partner peels an orange for you without being asked. A partner who does little things to make your life easier or your day a little brighter—like washing the dishes without asking or spontaneously buying him a bouquet of his favorite flowers—is a keeper, according to the orange peel theory . It’s all about doing something for others simply because you can, not because you have to.

TikTok user @NeaNotMia added that the theory works if your partner does something for you, even if you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

“It may not be literally peeling the orange,” @NeaNotMia explained in a TikTok video. “They might want you [a] small favor to see your reaction to see if they can ask you for a bigger favor later. And how will you make them feel when they ask you to do this for them?’

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