What videos from the screening of Gal Gadot’s film Hamas reveal from outside the fight

Videos shared on social media shed light on the brawl outside a screening for which Gal Gadot helped make a film showing the October 7 surprise attack on southern Israel by Hamas militants on Wednesday night.

Video footage shared by KABC-TV in Los Angeles showed groups clashing outside the city’s Museum of Tolerance on Pico Boulevard. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were present during the shootout, in which shots were exchanged and pepper spray was used.

Israeli-born actress Gadot was not among the roughly 200 people who attended the screening, where guests included an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) official, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations and a number of Hollywood executives.

The film covers the surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas against Israel, which subsequently launched airstrikes on Gaza. According to Israeli officials, 1,400 people in Israel had been killed as of Tuesday, the Associated Press reported, while more than 10,300 Palestinians had been killed, according to health ministry officials in Gaza, the AP said.

Gal Gadot on June 15, 2019 in Santa Monica, California. The Los Angeles screening Gadot helped film showing the surprise attack on southern Israel by Hamas militants was marred by violent clashes outside the venue on Wednesday night.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MTV

Named Certificatethe 43-minute film was described as featuring “extremely graphic and violent” footage “documenting the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023.” The film reportedly includes footage shot by members of Hamas.

The location of the film’s screening was shared online some time ago, prompting a preliminary FBI team, The Hollywood Reporter. There was a heavy police presence on the night of the screening, with several LAPD officers stationed outside the museum’s theater, on surrounding streets and in a helicopter.

Videos shared by a number of users on X, formerly Twitter, appeared to show that while there were a few people who arrived outside the venue to protest the film, there were also many counter-protesters.

Los Angeles-based video artist and filmmaker Helen Katz shared a stream of videos showing supporters of Israel mostly on one side of the streetwhile pro-Palestinians rallied on the other.

“Free Palestine” was heard shouting from one side, while “free the hostages” came from the other, referring to the more than 200 people who were taken by Hamas in the October 7 surprise attack.

Katz, who was among the Jews supporting the Palestinians, showed protesters shouting for “peace” as attendees left the screening. One attendee was seen replying that they should “ask [former President Barack] Obama for Peace.”

Another Jewish woman who attended the pro-Palestinian protest was seen being called an “Arab” by pro-Israel supporters before correcting them. One man responded by making a sexually offensive remark.

In another clip, a man was shown holding a sign that read “Ceasefire Call.” As the man stood on the curb, another man walked up to him and knocked the poster out of his hand before security stepped in to separate them.

“Cops move pro-Palestinian protesters into Shell station opposite Museum of Tolerance,” Katz wrote alongside a photo. “After the screening, the Zionists came to where we were, surrounded us with their cars, shouting at us.”

“When we tried to leave the Shell, they continued to follow us in a crowd and eventually surrounded and started attacking us,” she added. “Our comrade pepper sprayed them. I was taking pictures and then one of them threw me to the ground.”

Additional footage shows Katz receiving transphobic remarks like both groups they collided on the streets of West Los Angeles.

One person was is also shown telling another Jew they were “traitors” and demanding they “take off” their Star of David necklace.

As debate continues over which side used pepper spray during the heated confrontations, another X user shared videos which showed a sizeable group fighting in the middle of the street while traffic was stopped.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass condemned the violence in a post shared on X.

“We cannot allow the current global tensions to turn into this unacceptable violence in our city,” she wrote in response to footage of the brawl. “This is a time of great pain and suffering for thousands of Angel Bearers. We need to be together.”

During the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, born in Israel Wonder Woman star Gadot often shares posts on social media supporting the people of Israel. In particular, she drew attention to the hostages taken by Hamas.

To shed light on the conflict, Gadot helped organize a screening of the footage provided by an IDF spokesperson.

Oscar-winning director Guy Nativ, who is reportedly leading efforts to bring the film to the United States, recently revealed, according to Israel-based i24NEWS: “Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano helped make this possible.”

per The Hollywood Reporter, Gadot, who served in the IDF before starting her acting career, did not attend the screening in Los Angeles on Wednesday. However, her film producer husband Varsano was, as was Nativ.

Newsweek has reached out to representatives for Gadot, the LAPD and Katz for comment.