What’s trending in lip gloss nails? How to get the minimalist manicure of 2024

A favorite lip makeup accessory, lip gloss has reached the manicure arena with the lip gloss nail trend. With a whopping 28 million views on TikTok, lip gloss nails have caught the attention of beauty lovers and become the latest nail fad.

Lip gloss nails are a complement to chrome nails and glazed donut nails as they showcase highly textured glitter nails in pastel shades. The concept behind lip gloss nails is to accentuate the natural nails as it is a subtle yet stylish manicure that makes the nails look healthy with a hint of shine.

Named after the popular lip product, the manicure covers the nails in a sheer and translucent shade that can be paired with glitter or stand out on its own. So far, celebrities like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez have sported lip gloss nails and proved that that manicure elevates the simplest to the most glamorous outfits.

Glossy Lip Nails Offer a Classic Neutral Finish: Steps and Products Explored to Achieve a Minimalist Manicure

The best part about lip gloss nails is that the manicure looks flattering on all skin tones and does not require one to maintain a specific nail shape. The manicure looks great on both almond-shaped nails and short nails and square-shaped nails.

Manicurist Tom Bacik created the glossy manicure for Selena Gomez, who attended the Gala at the Academy Museum, and beauty enthusiasts took the manicure from there.

The best nail polish shades to dress up this manicure are Gossamer Light by Apres Nails ($14.49) – a clear nude gel formula, Rose Colored Glasses – a clear pink creme shade, and First Kiss – a pale pink creme shade by Orly ( $10.50). These are sheer, subtle nude shades that offer a neutral finish and a high gloss top coat, and a bit of sparkle is what will elevate the manicure.

However, it is important to choose the right neutral shade to decorate the lip gloss manicure.

Start prepping your nails by polishing and shaping them according to your mood. Soften cuticles with cuticle oil and use a cuticle remover for the same. One can use Londontown Nourishing Cuticle Oil ($20) to prep cuticles, as it’s a formula infused with fluoride that hydrates cuticles with a few drops of use.

Once the nails are prepped, clean off any excess product or residue and begin applying your chosen base shade.

Seal the manicure with a glossy top coat. One can use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat ($9.29) as it is the perfect top coat for such manicures that require a heavy shine to elevate the simple shade of the base coat. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat is inspired by the brand’s iconic matte top coat. Miracle Gel Top Coat provides a chip-resistant gel manicure without the requirement of UV light for high shine.

Glossy lip nails inspiration for your next home manicure

There are several ways one can style a lip gloss manicure according to one’s personal style:

Ombre manicure with lip gloss:

Ombre manicure with lip gloss features a smooth transition of shades from a subtle neutral shade of pink to a darker shade. A pearl shade of white and pink can also be used for the ombre combination.

Glitter manicure with lip gloss:

A glamorous take on the lip gloss trend, this manicure can be created by following the same steps as a normal lip gloss manicure and adding some nail polish or powder nail polish to add a glitter effect.

Baby manicure with blush and lip gloss:

The baby blush lip gloss manicure is created using the lightest pink shades, whether they are rose pink shades or shades lighter than the same.


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