Where does Georgia rank against FSU in the Orange Bowl?

Kirby Smart and Georgia football ended their 2022 college football season with the biggest upset in bowl game history.

Georgia defeated No. 3 TCU 65-7 to win the College Football Playoff National Championship, setting a record for most wins in a bowl game (58 points). A season later, under different circumstances, the Bulldogs broke their own all-time record at the expense of Florida State in the Orange Bowl.

The Bulldogs overcame a turnover on downs on their first drive before scoring nine straight touchdowns. They entered halftime of their game against the fifth-ranked Seminoles (13-1, 9-0 ACC) with a commanding 42-3 score (a score that, to be fair, was coupled with a couple of shutouts by the Seminoles).

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The difference between the Bulldogs and the Seminoles was actually four points bigger than last season’s halftime score against TCU, raising questions about whether Georgia can set the record again. The Bulldogs never slowed down against FSU until the record was already set with a final score of 63-3: an absurd 60-point advantage to win.

That begs the question: Where does the 2023 Orange Bowl rank among the biggest blowouts in bowl game history? Here’s a look at the company Georgia is keeping after Florida’s demolition:

What is the biggest failure in bowl game history?

Georgia’s 63-3 mark in the 2023 Orange Bowl gives Georgia the new record for most wins in a bowl game: 60 points. Not only did the Bulldogs score nine straight touchdowns, but they piled up 673 yards of offense while holding FSU to a paltry 209. Georgia also forced two turnovers and one turnover on downs by FSU.

Previously, the biggest upset in bowl game history was set last season by the undefeated CFP champion Smart Bulldogs. With a 65-7 victory over the Horned Frogs, top-ranked Georgia set a record for the largest margin of victory (58 points) not only in the national championship, but any kind bowl game.

The previous record for the largest shutout in a championship game was Nebraska’s 62-24 victory over Florida in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, a 38-point margin of victory. The previous record for most shutout in any bowl game was 56 points, a mark held by three previous bowl games.

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Biggest blowout in Orange Bowl history

Georgia’s 63-3 blowout over Florida State is not only the biggest upset in Orange Bowl history, but also in bowl game history. Prior to 2023, the largest touchdown in Orange Bowl history was 55 points when Alabama beat Syracuse 61-6 in the 1953 version of the game.

Most points scored in Orange Bowl history

The Orange Bowl record for most points scored by a winning team is 70 when West Virginia defeated Clemson 70-33 in the 2012 Orange Bowl. That game also holds the record for the highest scoring Orange Bowl (103 points).

Georgia ended up falling short of that margin by a touchdown, though it took a knee at the Florida State 22 in the final minute of the game and could have tied the Mountaineers’ record.

The biggest blowouts in bowl game history

Here’s a look at the 10 biggest blowouts in bowl game history. After the 2023 Orange Bowl, Georgia now holds the two biggest hits in bowl game history:

  • 1. Georgia 63, Florida State 3 (2023 Orange Bowl)
  • 2. Georgia 65, TCU 7 (2023 CFP Championship)
  • T-3. LSU 63, Purdue 7 (2023 Citrus Bowl)
  • T-3. Army 70, Houston 14 (2018 Armed Forces Bowl)
  • T-3. Tulsa 63, Bowling Green 7 (2008 GMAC Bowl)
  • 6. Alabama 61, Syracuse 6 (1953 Orange Bowl)
  • 7. Texas A&M 65, BYU 14 (1990 Holiday Bowl)
  • T-8. Auburn 63, Purdue 14 (2018 Music City Bowl)
  • T-8. Nebraska 66, Northwestern 17 (2000 Alamo Bowl)
  • 10. Boise State 55, Northern Illinois 7 (2015 Poinsettia Bowl)

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