Who is Fatima Whitbread? Meet me, I’m a contestant on Celebrity South Africa

This April, a group of celebrities will return to the jungle as the I’m A Celebrity event takes place in South Africa.

One of those stars is retired javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread, who took part in the 11th season in 2011, finishing third behind Mark Wright and Dougie Poynter.

Whitbread infamously had a cockroach poke her nose during the Bushtucker trial and she hopes it won’t happen again.

“I’m worried if it happens again,” she revealed ahead of the new season. “Mind you, I have rather large nostrils. They fit my face well and if a creature wants to get in then it’s pretty easy to get through the gap!”

The athlete will compete against the likes of Helen Flanagan, Carol Vorderman, Paul Burrell and Phil Tufnell, who are just some of the celebrities in the I’m A Celebrity South Africa cast.

As the all-star series kicks off, read everything you need to know about Fatima Whitbread.

Who is Fatima Whitbread?

Age: 62

job: Retired javelin thrower

Instagram: @fatima.whitbread

Twitter: @FatimaWh1tbread

Previous season: 11 (2011)

Fatima Whitbread is a former Olympic javelin thrower. She broke the world record with a throw of 77.44 m (254 ft 3⁄4 in) in the qualifying round of the 1986 European Athletics Championships in Stuttgart, becoming the first British athlete to set a world record in a throwing event.

In 2011, Whitbread joined the cast of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, alongside Corrie’s Anthony Cotton, former horse racing jockey Willie Carson, singer Sinitta and broadcaster Pat Sharp.

During her run on the series, the show’s medic, Bob, was called upon to remove a cockroach from her nose after she took part in a trial that involved donning a clear plastic helmet that slowly filled with various creatures.

“People still come and talk about the cockroach,” admits Fatima. “And every time ‘I’m a Celebrity’ comes out, the cockroach incident is aired quite often! Most kids remember me for the cockroach and their parents remember me for the javelin throw!

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“Doing this test in Australia was my scariest test, but I had a lot of fun doing the series and it’s great to be invited back.”

Does she fear some ordeal involving cockroaches in South Africa if one gets stuck again?

“I’m worried if it happens again,” she replies. “Mind you, I have rather large nostrils. They fit my face well and if a creature wants to get in then it’s pretty easy to get through the gap!”

You can watch the clip below:

What did Fatima Whitbread say about signing up for I’m a Celebrity South Africa?

Fatima described the All-Star series as a “strange but exciting feeling”, insisting she won’t come up with a plan to win.

“It’s not about winning or losing, and I’ve never had a game plan,” she revealed. “It’s not my thing.”

She added: “It’s nice to be part of a journey that includes everyone and I’m a Celebrity is about what you take from it. An all-star version was long overdue and I think it’s only right that they’re showing it now.

“It will be interesting to get to know the other teammates. The highlight of my Australian camp was talking to everyone. I was laughing all the time!”

I’m a Celebrity South Africa stars on Monday 24 April on ITV1 and ITVX. Check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide or visit our dedicated entertainment hub for the latest news.

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