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Tonight on “Hell’s Kitchen,” the tension rises as the chefs face their toughest challenge yet: communication. Each of the contestants is tasked with cooking in one of America’s 5 best cuisines, but the challenge is turned on its head and shines the spotlight on a select few contestants. While the losing team sifts through the trash and the winning team enjoys massages and surprise food. No one is safe from a face-to-face meeting with Gordon Ramsay in the all-new “Cooking For Your Life” episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” airing Thursday, Nov. 16 (8:00 – 9:01 p.m.) on FOX.

Season 22 kicked off with 18 contestants competing for the $250,000 grand prize and the chef position at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas. Below are the current team breakdowns. See the full gallery of this season’s contestants and their order of elimination above.

Red Team: He votes, Carmen, Holy, Lee, Alone, Sandra

Blue Team: Dahmer, Devon, Jason, Jonathan, Ryan

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8:00 in the evening — “Previously on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’!” In episode 7, an intense barbecue challenge was judged by the Pit Master Aaron Franklinand a star-studded dinner service featured a music superstar G-Eazy and host of Pawn Stars. Rick Harrison. In the end, Gordon decided to eliminate Jermaine of the Blue Team, saying the 31-year-old from New York “couldn’t even handle the side dish, so he ended up at the bus station.” Who will be sent home next?

8:05 afternoon — After a near elimination, Devon returns to the dorms in tears. The next morning he gets up and goes back to the kitchen with the other cooks. Time for a new challenge! Gordon reveals the Top 5 cuisines in America: Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai and Indian. For the next team challenge, they will prepare dishes from each of these amazing cultures: Shrimp Fried Rice, Steak Tacos, Beef Parmesan, Shrimp Pod Thai, and Curry Chicken. It’s up to each team to handle all five. Since the Red Team has six team members, one person must sit. Donya will be eliminated from the competition, which is a surprise since she is one of their strongest chefs. Their 45 minutes start now!

8:30 p.m — As time goes on in this challenge, Gordon pulls the cooks out of the kitchen, making this task increasingly difficult. In the end, only one chef remains to finish all five courses – Sandra and Ryan. Then, with five minutes remaining, all the cooks return to the kitchen. Atoye is disappointed because her fried rice looks completely destroyed. Time runs out and Gordon tries the dishes from each team. Here are the results:

Lee connections Devon on a steak taco
Sandra connections Jonathan on Veal Parmesan
Dahmer beats Atoye with shrimp fried rice
Alone connections Jason over shrimp pad thai
Ryan beats Carmen with chicken curry

The men won this challenge 5-3. The men will go on a wellness retreat and take home a set of Hexclad pans, while the women will stay and sort the trash. Up in the dorm, Atoye’s anger boils over and she starts yelling and threatening to leave. She is mostly upset about Carmen talking during the challenge and sabotaging her dish. Dahmer talks Atoye into leaving the ledge and comforts her. Atoye rejoins his team and sorts through the trash.

8:40 p.m — After the trash sorting is complete and the men have just returned from their rejuvenating retreat, both teams look forward to the night ahead. Gordon calls the dorm and asks Atoye to come to his office. He asks her how she feels and she says, “Shit.” He tells her he loves her determination and she doubts too much. She needs to call people out if she doesn’t want to be blamed for things she is not responsible for. One by one, Gordon calls out the other chefs and gives each one a few quick mentoring tips. He then asks them to each rank their teammates from best to worst.

8:45 p.m Gordon calls all the cooks back into the kitchen. Based on the rankings they received from their teammates, four chefs will be cooking for their lives tonight. One of the four weakest cooks will leave. The four chefs who cook for their lives will be Devon, Jason, Sandra and Atoye. They have 30 minutes to conceptualize a stunning dish with filet mignon as the hero. Their 30 minutes starts now! Meanwhile, the other chefs are watching on TV from the comfort of the dorm.

8:55 p.m “Jason’s filet is cooked beautifully, but Gordon wonders why he cut it.” Atoye’s tenderloin is beautifully medium-rare, but her parsnips are a bit grainy. After tasting two dishes, he declares Jason safe.

9:01 p.m “Gordon has two more fillets to taste.” Sandra nails her tenderloin, but Gordon doesn’t understand the garnish. Is it better than Atoye’s? yes sandra is declared safe and headed to the dorms. Last up is Devon. Gordon doesn’t appreciate that the tenderloin is sliced, but the mash is delicious. He decides that the person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Devon. Atoye has been declared safe. In closing, Gordon states, “If you’re going to work in my kitchen, you better know how to cook a tenderloin. Two words Devon will never hear from me are “well done.”

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