Why Danbury likes vintage garage plan to sell custom used cars

DANBURY — A vintage garage has been given the go-ahead by city planners to expand its used car sales business — although with a minimum selling price of $75,000, the custom cars will hardly resemble the used sedans typically associated with a used car lot.

That’s what Danbury planners like about North American Motor Car’s request to sell a total of no more than 10 used classic cars and refurbished motorcycles each month from its headquarters near the airport on the city’s west side.

“They’re limited to the number they can sell, and it’s pretty high-end stuff,” said Robert Chiocchio, a member of the city’s planning commission, after a public hearing last week, at which all five members said North American Motor Car has its vote. “We heard on the record that they’re pretty decent neighbors, so I don’t expect any problems here and I have no problem with that.”

The conditions that North American could not sell any used vehicle for less than $75,000 and could sell no more than 10 used vehicles per month from its newly opened headquarters were imposed not so much as to constrain its business model , but to prevent other garages from taking advantage of a new use and turning Miry Brook Road into a used car strip.

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