Women ‘kicked out’ for ‘disgusting’ gym performance

A gym has taken action after two female fitness influencers who filmed a video ‘copying the odd man out’ working out were labeled ‘disgusting’.

Two female personal trainers have angered social media after sharing a video titled ‘copying the weird guy in the corner of the gym’ which went viral, leaving the man furious.

The women, who go by the names @fit.berna and @fitmitdebbs, were widely criticized after they uploaded a video titled ‘Copying the odd man in the corner of the gym’ in November.

In the clip, the pair mimicked the man’s movements as they burst into hysterical laughter – a detail many claimed was “inappropriate” and an act of “harassment”.

Both Berna and Debs immediately went underground amid the backlash, making their Instagram and TikTok accounts private.

Although the pair have since resurfaced online without addressing the controversy, one social media user has just given an update claiming the German fitness fanatics have been banned from their gym.

Two fitness influencers from Germany have reportedly been “kicked out” of their gym because of this viral video. Photo: TikTok

The women, who post as @fit.berna and @fitmitdebbs, shared a video mocking the “weird man at the gym.” Photo: TikTok

Noah Bermudez, who was one of many to publicly call out the original clip, said he was contacted by a personal trainer at the gym used by Berna and Debs who made the revelation.

“The good news is that this guy DMed me and his colleague who is the manager of the gym kicked them out,” claims Noah.

He also thanked Noah for bringing the incident to the gym’s attention, adding that “these types of videos should not be tolerated.”

Noah also revealed that he was contacted by Debs, sharing a screenshot of a message he received telling him to “take down” his original video.

In it, she claims there was a “misunderstanding” suggesting she and Berna weren’t making fun of the man working out, but instead “playfully copying his workout.”

Noah Bermudez shared the “update” from the gym as well as a screenshot from Debs, claiming they were misunderstood. Photo: TikTok

“Since we were facing each other, we thought it was fun,” she wrote, according to the screenshot.

“It was never meant to make fun of him or make fun of him.

“We followed his routine and laughed while doing it, unfortunately many misunderstood the video so we took it down…”

Debs went on to stress that “everything is getting twisted,” adding that both she and Berna “regret” the way the video was received.

“We are ready to make a statement explaining the intention. We do not support bullying. Bullying is terrible,” the message concludes.

News.com.au has contacted Berna and Debs for further comment.

Social media described the clip as “disgusting”. Photo: Instagram/@fitmitdebbs

Neither woman has publicly apologized. Photo: Instagram/@fit.berna

Many pointed out that the two women had not publicly apologized for the video, which showed the pair in hysterics as they mimicked the movements of the man, who was training with his back to them.

At one stage they point to the man, who had no idea what was going on behind him, and laugh hysterically, while later in the short video they collapse in a heap as they replay his throw.

Outraged netizens widely criticized the women, calling them out for “making fun” of an innocent gym goer, claiming it was a “disgusting” display of attention.

“Such rude behavior from grown women. Gag,” one wrote at the time.

“People like this make the gym a scary, unattainable place for others,” noted another.

As one raged: “They are doing their best. I have no idea why they think this is so funny?’

The pair have yet to comment publicly after their actions were branded ‘unacceptable’ online. Photo: Facebook

Others claimed it was “unacceptable” and “disgusting” behaviour, with one guy claiming the video proved how wild the world has become in 2023, saying “attention is oxygen” for younger generations as a result of social media. Calling out inappropriate behavior at the gym has become a viral phenomenon in recent months, with the hashtags #GymCreep and #GymWeirdo garnering over 100 million views since their inception. BBC reported in February.

That figure has likely grown significantly since then.

But this recent event proves that it’s not just women who face intimacy in the gym, although it’s still predominantly women who deal with it.

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