Worcester’s music scene through the lens of photographer Artrocity

Hartford native Ted Theodore grew up around Connecticut’s live music scene, recording bands under the name Artrocity. When he moved to Worcester he didn’t miss a beat, becoming a regular presence at local music venues with his camera. The latest call has him talking about photography, rock and roll and Worcester over the years.

Where did the name Artrocity come from?

This is a holdover from when my high school friend and I were recruiting bands in the Hartford area. That fell apart and when the internet came along I started using it as a pseudonym.

How did you get started in photography?

It’s a family business. My mom and aunts took pictures, and I’ve had a camera since I was little, so I’ve always been interested in it. When I was old enough to go to shows, I always wanted to be in the front and take pictures, and this was a good excuse to be in the front – with a camera in my hand.

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