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Published on December 10, 2023 |
by Charles Miambo

The difference between an artist who can only make MUSIC his own”hobby” and an artist who manages to make a real “profession” outside MUSIC doesn’t always depend on their “talent level“. Sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with their “talent”. In fact, many talented artists today fail to make a sustainable living from their music craft. It is extremely common for aspiring artists to juggle 2 or more jobs while trying to support their musical aspirations. Some of them even go broke and decide to give it all up, while others choose to persist but never succeed. Why is that?? If not for talent, then what else could it be? The answer is easy! Bad “Contractor Management” or a complete lack of it all!

XP music futures

In order to have any sort of viable career in music, artists rely heavily on competent artist management. However, there is a noticeable shortage of reliable artist managers in today’s music industry. This realization led to the creation of the highly touted “Artist Management Bootcamp” from MDLBEAST. The goal is simple. Train and equip aspiring artist managers with the necessary resources and knowledge to become outstanding “artist managers”. The better artist managers are, the more successful artists are, leading to an even stronger music industry and ecosystem. And this is completely in line with the main mission of MDLBEAST. MDLBEAST team We want to expand, elevate, promote and develop the best of the best in our region. We believe that everyone should have a platform to showcase and explore their talent

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About – Artist Management Bootcamp (AMB)

This initiative focuses on providing guidance to aspiring artist managers through a 2-week Artist Management Bootcamp. This involves bringing together experienced artist managers and aspiring artist managers to facilitate mentorship, networking and the dissemination of essential industry knowledge. Over the course of 2 weeks, these aspiring artist managers learn how to; Structuring a deal, how to negotiate, marketing their artist, booking shows, managing tours and budgeting for the artist.

AMB Project Manager – “Ahmed Almomen”

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2023 XP Music Futures – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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