World’s First 3-Year Cruise Costs Less Than Some Mortgage Payments — Cruise Line Offers All Inclusive Experience This Fall

If your goal was to see the world, this might be the way to do it. Life at Sea Cruises set sail on the world’s first—and only—three-year world cruise, visiting 135 countries and seven continents.

“Life at Sea Cruises offers the ultimate cruise line-up without having to sacrifice the comforts of home,” says Irina Strembitsky, Director of Sales and Marketing at Life at Sea Cruises. “It’s your home at sea with the world as your backyard.”

A three-year world cruise itinerary

The 130,000-mile journey begins on November 1, 2023 from Istanbul, with pickups in Barcelona and Miami. The MV Gemini will visit 375 ports, allowing passengers to spend several days in some to explore.

The itinerary will take passengers to South America and Antarctica, visiting 11 countries in 98 days. You will be able to explore cities, glaciers and ice formations.

Over 67 days, the ship will explore the Caribbean and Central America with 29 destinations including Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and the ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico and Belize.

In North America and Hawaii, 98 Days gives you the opportunity to explore Alaskan landscapes, stunning beaches, interesting cultures and embark on adventures.

Visit 23 destinations including ancient temples and vibrant cities in North Asia. Stops in Tokyo, Seoul, Jeju Island and Shanghai give enough time to explore for 70 days.

While on the longest leg of the voyage of 206 days in the South Pacific and Australia, you will visit Sydney and Melbourne, the beaches of Fiji, the mountains of New Zealand and the rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

Visit the ruins of Angkor Wat as you sail through the South China Sea and the Serengeti, Zanzibar and Madagascar in South and West Africa. You’ll spot big game on safari and experience local culture in ancient cities.

In Europe, you will sail from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, visiting 38 countries, exploring art, historical monuments and rich culture.

MV Gemini facilities.

It may seem difficult to imagine living on a ship for three years, but the comforts of MV Gemini make it possible. It has 400 cabins and space for up to 1,074 people. It features world-class restaurants, onboard entertainment, activities and modern workspace facilities that include a first-of-its-kind business center with 14 offices, a lounge and a business library.

There will also be a 24-hour on-call hospital that will include free medical visits, training and enrichment classes and volunteer opportunities.

“Professionals need connectivity, the right conveniences and functionality to get their work done. There is no other cruise product that offers such flexibility to its customers,” says Mikael Petersen, Managing Director of Life at Sea Cruises.

Cabin sizes range from 130 square feet for Virtual Inside and Oceanview staterooms to 260 square feet for balcony suites. Cruisers can enjoy a state-of-the-art wellness center, sun deck, swimming pool and plenty of dining options.

Price for a world cruise

A three-year Life at Sea cruise starts at $29,999 per year. Passengers have payment options from $2,499 per month. There is also the possibility that passengers may receive additional tax relief when working as international residents on board the ship.

About life on sea cruises

Life at Sea cruises is owned by Miray International, which has been offering unique cruise experiences since 1996. She owns and manages MV Gemini throughout the Aegean Sea and the ship Amorwhich gives dinner and entertainment river cruises.

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