Xponential Fitness and Meta Present Quest 3 users with favorite fitness classes – Nov 03, 2023 at 09:27am EDT

IRVINE – Xponential+, the on-demand digital training platform from Exponential fitnessthe leading franchisor of boutique fitness studios, recently launched its innovative new app for Meta’s Quest 3 headphones.

Revealed at the Meta Connect event in September, the Xponential+ Quest 3 app boldly ventures into uncharted territory using Quest 3’s cutting-edge mixed reality technology, full color passthrough and natural depth perception, positioning itself as a pioneering force in redefining fitness experiences within the Metaverse .

This momentous point underlines Xponential Fitness’ an introductory venture into the realm of virtual reality. In particular, Quest 3’s Xponential+ is at the forefront of innovation, being among just a handful of apps chosen to take advantage of Quest 3’s remarkable mixed reality capabilities ahead of its debut.

“We are thrilled to pioneer a new category of fitness experience alongside a world-renowned brand like Meta,” said Gareth Marshall, president of Xponential+. “As these technologies are rapidly emerging into the mainstream, we recognized the opportunity to incorporate a new level of immersion with the efficiency already realized by 2D digital fitness. Unlike many fitness games available to VR users today, the technological advancements in the Quest 3 headset allow us to utilize the best virtual and social features while providing proven workouts from mainstream fitness brands that were previously unavailable.

By seamlessly integrating the unrivaled technological advancements of Quest 3 with the fitness expertise of Xponential+, this collaboration achieves an unparalleled level of realism and immersion in virtual fitness experiences. Xponential+ has emerged as a true pioneer, unlocking the transformative potential of Quest 3’s mixed reality features and redefining the very essence of fitness in the Metaverse.

Mixed Reality Integration: One of the most impressive features of the new Quest 3 headset, mixed reality is a technological premise that now opens the door for mainstream fitness experiences like Xponential+ to expand beyond the game-like fitness that emerged in – the early generations.

Natural Depth Perception: Xponential+ uses Quest 3’s cutting-edge technology to provide users with natural depth perception, a feature especially valuable to cardio brands like CycleBar, Row House and STRIDE Fitness.

Environment Mapping: The app intelligently maps the user’s physical environment, providing an enhanced and safe training experience by adapting the game to the user’s physical environment.

Spatial Anchoring: For example, in Pure Barre, users can anchor a virtual support bar to their physical environment, such as a table or chair, creating a stable virtual element that stays in place as they move around the virtual environment.

Flexible training environments: users can enjoy training in a range of immersive settings, including full virtual reality studios, mixed reality environments that seamlessly blend the physical and virtual, and a full walkthrough mode where instructors appear in the physical environment to users.

Meta, a force in the world of social technology and virtual reality, has long been dedicated to expanding the boundaries of human experience. In its commitment to innovation and pursuit of excellence, Meta recognized the transformative potential of the fusion of technology and wellness. With this vision, it enabled Exponential fitness to lead the charge in redefining the intersection of fitness and virtual reality. With the introduction of Xponential+ for the Meta Quest 3 headphones, Meta empowers Exponential fitness to advance fitness and technology, enabling consumers to embark on a fitness journey that transcends traditional boundaries and offers a unique, immersive experience like no other.

Together, Meta and Exponential fitness are poised to revolutionize the future of fitness, giving users access to a world of wellness options in the palm of their hands, all in the Meta Quest 3 Headset.

regarding Xponential Fitness, Inc.

Xponential Fitness, Inc. is the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands. Through its mission to make boutique fitness accessible to everyone, the Company operates a diversified platform of ten brands spanning various verticals including Pilates, indoor cycling, barre, stretching, rowing, dance, boxing, running, functional training and yoga. In partnership with its franchisees, Exponential fitness offers energetic, affordable and personalized training experiences led by highly qualified instructors at studio locations in 48 US states and Canadaand through master franchise or international expansion agreements in 19 additional countries. Xponential Fitness’ The brand portfolio includes Club Pilates, the largest Pilates brand in United States; CycleBar, the largest indoor cycling brand in United States; StretchLab, the largest assisted stretching brand in United States offering individual and group stretching services; Row House, the largest indoor rowing franchise brand in the United States; AKT, a dance-based cardio workout combining toning, interval and circuit training; YogaSix, the largest yoga brand in United States; Pure Barre, a total body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements and the largest barre brand in United States; STRIDE Fitness, a treadmill-based concept for cardio and strength training; Rumble, a boxing-inspired total body workout and BFT, a functional training and strength program.


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