Your weekend playlist: New music to listen to this Friday

Your weekend playlist: New music to listen to this Friday

After a week full of 60+ degree weather in NYC, I’m officially ready to close the laptop and enter the weekend. I’m shopping for swimwear online, spending time enjoying the short-lived early spring weather, and I’m absolutely ready to make another playlist to get me through the weekend.

With St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I’m sure many of you are traveling to hot spots like Boston and New York for parades and soul-crushing crowds. The only way to survive this weekend of horrors? Lots of music and even more green beer. Medical orders.

But you can’t keep playing the same old playlist of songs your friends have heard from your speakers over and over again. People will stop letting you aux if you can’t provide a dance-worthy playlist that’s both refreshing and eternal. This is where I come in, dear reader.

I love providing a playlist full of new music releases today, March 15, 2024. So get your Spotify accounts ready because it’s time to see what’s in store for you this week! Let’s start listening.

ZAYN – “What I Am”

He is baaaacckkk. Former One Direction member Zayn Malik left the band (and should be paying my therapy bills for it) in 2015 and completely changed direction (pun intended). Already an R&B soul god, ZAYN has found his stride with “What I Am.”

I think just being where I was at the time, standing away from things and living with my own thoughts, inspired me to want to write something from that place. I have to put this out as a complete work, it’s something for me, not even just for the world,Zane says.

At first I was worried that ZAYN wouldn’t be able to create a stylistically different song without it sounding repetitive. “What I Am” highlights his vocals without overdoing it, conveying longing, yearning and melancholy all rolled into one. It’s an easy listen. Zayn Malik, you will always be famous.

Cardi B – “Enough (Miami)”

If you’ve been missing the old Cardi, she’s here. With “Enough (Miami),” Cardi goes back to her roots: classic rap, biting lyrics, a hook that gets you out of your seat. Reminiscent of classics like “Bodak Yellow,” where Cardi tells it like it is: you can’t beat her, you can’t even be her.

Kacey Musgraves – “The Architect”

With one of the most satisfyingly distinct voices in country music, Kacey Musgraves delivers The Architect on a silver platter. It is introspective, inviting the listener to really look within themselves and wonder who is the architect of their lives. A song about not fully understanding someone, something or everything, “The Architect” is one of a kind.

Before your new album, deeper well which she promises will be something of a “cleansing” for listeners, “The Architect” is a great intro.

Zack Bia, Teezo Touchdown – “DAMN”

Every weekend should be greeted with house music, that’s why Zack Bia and Teezo Touchdown’s “DAMN” is the perfect solution. Something light and easy, “DAMN” is the perfect song to start a night out or help you get high while getting ready. Zack Bia is known for his commitment to the nightlife scene, so it’s no surprise that this song embodies a night out with your friends.

Sidney Sherrill – “Boy in the Blue Cadillac”

Along with her debut album, 17 Young and stunning, Sydney Sherrill delivers powerful vocal single ‘Boy In The Blue Cadillac’. Few singer-songwriters can sing a commanding chorus filled with guitar trills and have the kind of impact that Sidney Sherrill can.

Singing from her 17-year-old self’s perspective, 17 Young and stunning, takes us through the travails of adolescence. From finding your first love to figuring out who you really are in the world, Cheryl knows how confusing growing up can be. The Boy in the Blue Cadillac takes you back in time in the best way.

Cloonee – “Sippin’ Yak (We Like)”

Cloonee is in high demand: with two weekends of Coachella booked, a headlining residency at LIV Beach in Las Vegas, a show at the Brooklyn Mirage and more, fans flock to see a show no matter where it is. After teasing “Sippin’ Yak” on social media and live, Cloonee is finally releasing the track ahead of all those big shows.

“Sippin’ Yak (We Like)” is an instant hit for tech house fans with a sophisticated take on production and style.

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