Business trip or leisure? Remote work has blurred the line and changed the travel industry.

While some workers return to the office this year, many continue to work remotely indefinitely. This seismic shift has changed where people live and work, and increasingly how they travel. In the first quarter of 2022, nearly 25% of job openings at the largest 50,000 companies in the United States and Canada were permanently remote … Read more

Why is rail the Best Bet for Green Transit?

About the author: Adam Bonnifield is the CEO of KONUX. Imagine the truly green transit future we’ll need to slow, stop, and eventually reverse the ever-increasing effects of climate change. In this utopian vision, people and goods move quickly and seamlessly between and between cities without burning fossil fuels. From electric car sharing to autonomous … Read more

Study links climate risks to 58% of infectious diseases | Health and fitness

by SETH BORENSTEIN – AP SCIENCE WRITER A study reported that climate hazards such as floods, heat waves and droughts have exacerbated more than half of the hundreds of infectious diseases known to people, including malaria, hantavirus, cholera and anthrax. Researchers searched the medical literature for confirmed cases of disease and found that 218 of … Read more

Nonprofits launch $100 million plan to support local health workers

A new charity hopes to invest $100 million by 2030 in 10 countries, mostly in Africa, to support 200,000 health workers who act as a critical bridge to treating people with limited access to healthcare. Skoll Foundation and Johnson & Johnson Foundation announced Monday that they are donating a total of $25 million to the … Read more

Technology that teaches reading: New literacy tools are coming to classrooms

In one vision of classrooms of the near future, young children will wear headphones and read sentences aloud as they navigate computer programs equipped with voice recognition technology. Behind the scenes, this technology will listen to each student and spit out dozens of lines of code, assess pronunciation for each individual sound and word in … Read more

California governor declares state of emergency over monkeypox | Health and fitness

Sacramento, California (AFP) – California’s governor on Monday declared a state of emergency to accelerate efforts to combat an outbreak of monkeypox, becoming the second state in three days to take the step. Governor Gavin Newsom said the announcement will help the state coordinate a government-wide response, push for more vaccines and lead awareness and … Read more

A psychiatrist says Sandy Hook’s parents fear for their lives | Health and fitness

By JIM VERTUNO – Associated Press AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – The parents of a Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting victim live with a complex form of post-traumatic stress disorder and a constant fear that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will kill them, a psychiatrist testified Monday at Jones’ defamation trial. Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, parents … Read more

Inflation and wages data point to continued price hikes in the US | Business

WASHINGTON – Inflation rose in June and average worker wages accelerated in the spring – signs that Americans likely won’t feel any relief from higher prices anytime soon and that the Federal Reserve will feel compelled to increase borrowing costs. The government said on Friday that the measure of inflation that the Federal Reserve closely … Read more

Brad Pitt’s skirt has an agenda

Earlier this month, Brad Pitt walked the red carpet at the premiere of his upcoming movie “Bullet Train” in Berlin, wearing a chestnut-colored drop skirt. When a reporter asked him the reason for the skirt, Mr. Pitt jokingly replied, “Breeze”—Europe, after all, was in the midst of a severe heat wave. But the outfit may … Read more