Blue chrome nails are the icy trend perfect for winter

“Let him go! Let it go!” Sorry, we got a little carried away in our own little icy blue world because blue chrome nails are everywhere for winter. And we can’t lie, we can’t get enough of this Frozen manicure. This big trend for winter was predicted by nail expert Rachel Joseph, who told Bustle that blue nails are perfect and super popular for the colder months. “I’m sure the pastel blue with chrome will also be present throughout the winter to give a frosty, snowy look,” shared Joseph. And so far she was right.

But there isn’t just one way to do blue chrome nails. Whether you’re a fan of light shades or dark shades, when it comes to your winter manicure, there’s a metallic blue look for you. That’s because we’re not just seeing pastel blue for this icy look. That’s why we’re showing you some of our very favorite versions of this stunning winter manicure to give you some inspiration.

Switch to 3D for a unique twist on the classic

Are you a fan of exaggerated, 3D nails? Then this could be the blue chrome twist for you. This look uses a textured manicure by adding a building gel on top of the chrome base to create a twist effect on the nails. But that’s not all. The middle nails also use super fun silver star decorations for an extra wintry addition that’s super glam and bold.

Or try holographic chrome to give an icy manicure a twist

Your chrome manicure should not only include shades of blue. This gorgeous version of the nail trend appears blue, but then shimmers pink when it catches the light for a stunning and feminine twist on the blue chrome look. If you’re not a pink fan though, that’s okay! Depending on what you or your nail technician have on hand, you can cover your blue polish with any color holographic powder for an added sparkle effect.

Blue chrome can also be combined with the aura

Aura nails are all the rage in 2023, so why not combine this trend with chrome nails for a gorgeous mix of nail trends? This look shows just how stunning chrome and aura can look, while making the best of both worlds when you can’t decide whether you want light blue or navy blue nails.

But why not add some nail art?

While blue chrome is pretty bold on its own, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t add something extra to the look. This manicure shows how even something super simple like white snowflakes can bring a little more chic to the glitter trend. Not only is this design super cool and perfect for winter, but it can also be easily achieved at home with white nail polish and a small nail art tool.

Something a little more minimalistic can work with blue chrome too

Who said you have to do the chrome look on your entire nail? Certainly not us! As this manicure proves, if you want to change up your manicure on every nail or are a fan of nail art designs instead of matching every nail, then why not give this blue chrome trend a twist? This design combines a blue chrome French manicure with stripes and wavy lines on the ring finger and pinky for a truly unique and frosty winter look.

Why not try being bejeweled?

In the (almost) words of Taylor Swift, you best believe you’re still bejeweled. And this manicure is a great way to prove it. This twist on blue chrome uses a bright blue on the tips of the nails, which is accented with glitter for a bit of holiday sparkle. In the nail beds, the manicurist added transparent and blue crystals for an extremely glamorous look at this winter moment.

But there’s nothing wrong with keeping your blue chrome manicure simple

There’s no doubt that blue chrome nails are absolutely stunning with or without the extras, so there’s no reason why you can’t keep things simple when creating this look. A classic ice blue chrome manicure like this one is simple yet so gorgeous, making it super easy to recreate at home using chrome polish or powder.

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