Nayanthara on her latest skincare brand ‘9Skin’, fitness and beauty secrets

Uit’s an influx of celebrity ownership skin care and makeup brands coming into the foray, the newest entrant into the space is none other than Indian actor and producer Nayanthara, who recently launched 9Skin. The diva who made her presence felt in Bollywood by acting opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a blockbuster Javancarves a niche for itself.

Nayanthara, one of the brightest stars of South Indian cinema, is now also a successful entrepreneur with her new skin care brand 9Skin. Having entered a market where beauty giants like Deepika Padukone’s 82°E, Katrina Kaif’s Kay Beauty and Kriti Sanon’s Hyphen among others already exist, Nayanthara found a gap in the market for affordable and exotic skin care ingredients.

What sets 9Skin apart are its “formulas that are carefully crafted using the goodness of nature and cutting-edge nanotechnology.”

“We sourced exotic ingredients that are very beneficial, such as sea buckthorn and Red fruit, which have never been used by any Indian skincare brand before us. The best part is that the products are suitable for every skin type and gender. It’s not simple skin care; it’s an act of narcissism,” says the actor

Instead of introducing her brand, we interviewed the multi-hyphenate about everything from skincare and beauty to self-care, mental health and more. Read edited excerpts here:

Q: What was the idea behind launching your own skincare brand?

Nayanthara: The concept behind 9Skin was to create a skincare brand that embodies a dedication to beauty, self careand personal empowerment. The idea was to develop a product line that meets a wide range of skin requirements, offers multiple benefits in one product and provides effective protection, while incorporating an element of customization.

Q: What’s one skincare secret you swear by?

Nayanthara: A skin care secret what I strongly support is consistency. Regular and persistent care and the use of high-quality products, specially adapted to the requirements of your skin, are the basis of a radiant and healthy complexion.

Q: Any DIY skincare routines you follow?

Nayanthara: Although I appreciate the simplicity of the Do it yourself skin care, I rely on professionally formulated products for consistency. However, the occasional DIY mask with natural ingredients can be a refreshing addition to the routine.

Q: Who shaped your understanding of skin care?

Nayanthara: Both my mother and grandmother shaped my understanding of skin care. Their timeless advice—passed down through generations—reminds me of the importance of natural ingredients and the beauty of simplicity in a skin care routine.

Q: How do you manage to find time for fitness in your busy schedule?

Nayanthara: Finding time for fitness amidst a busy schedule includes prioritization and planning. I try to carve out specific training slots and stick to them. I do yoga and incorporate other forms of exercise that not only promote cardiovascular health, but also muscle strength and endurance. Being active helps increase my energy levels and overall productivity.

Q: What else do you do to prioritize self-care?

Nayanthara: Besides skin care, I make time for activities that bring me joy and relaxation. Reading helps me rejuvenate mentally and broaden my horizons. Meditation is another daily ritual that helps manage stress, improve focus, and cultivate inner peace. I also indulge in simple pleasures like nature walks or quality time with loved ones to recharge emotionally.

It is essential to find a balance by creating these moments of joy, as they act as anchors in a busy life – encouraging mental and emotional resilience. Self-care, in all its forms, is the foundation of a healthier and more balanced existence.

Q: How do you overcome the trolling you face online?

Nayanthara: While trolling can be challenging, I consciously prioritize positivity and constructive feedback. I understand that negativity often stems from external factors rather than personal inadequacies. Building resilience is vital to addressing such challenges. I proactively surround myself with a supportive circle, including friends, family and colleagues, who offer encouragement and constructive criticism.

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Engaging in mindfulness practices and pursuing hobbies that bring joy have helped me maintain my mental well-being.

Q: If you had to use one skincare product for the rest of your life and ditch the others, what would it be and why?

Nayanthara: If I had to choose one product for life, it would be high quality sunscreen. Sun protection is non-negotiable for skin health, and a good sunscreen serves as a shield against premature aging and damage.

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