Radhi Devlukiya on plant-based nutrition, Ayurveda and her cookbook debut

Radhi Devlukiya on plant-based nutrition, Ayurveda and her cookbook debut

Meet our newest inspiration, Radhi Devlukiya. She is a plant-based chef and recipe developer, mission-driven entrepreneur, trained nutritionist, nutritionist, student of Ayurveda, and co-founder of the adaptogenic tea brand JUNI. As the cherry on top, Devlukiya is married to podcaster, author and life coach Jay Shetty – can you say two goals? Most recently, Devlukia released her debut vegan cookbook, JoyFull. The book contains over 125 tear-jerking plant-based recipes with mindfulness at the heart of each dish. In honor of JoyFullissue, we spoke to Devlukiya about her vegan lifestyle and the inspiration behind her book. Here’s what she said!

Radhi Devlukiya

Courtesy of Radhi Devlukia

VegOut (VO): As someone who grew up vegetarian, what first made you give up dairy and embrace a completely vegan lifestyle?

Radhi Devlukiya (RD): I read Eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and I couldn’t let go of what I had learned from reading it.

VOICE: How does veganism align with your beliefs as a nutritionist, nutritionist, and Ayurveda?

RD: It matches perfectly! Health is about eating food and lifestyles that not only fuel your body, but also lift your energy, mood and mindset. When you eat animals, you are essentially eating their suffering and it becomes a part of you.

Voice by Voice: Have you always had a knack for cooking or is it something you picked up after going vegan?

RD: Growing up, my mother’s love language was cooking. I feel like watching her and eating the food she prepared for us instilled the same connection with food in me.

VOICE: What’s your advice for those who want to follow a more whole plant-based diet with a busy schedule?

RD: Meal planning, one pot meals, experiment and have fun in the kitchen, don’t try everything at once, start with meals you love and repeat them, then slowly add new ones until your week is filled with meals you really love. Also, plan your macros to make sure your meals are balanced – pick your favorite veggies, proteins, carbs and fats and then mix them up.

Radhi Devlukiya

Courtesy of Radhi Devlukia

VOICE: Congratulations on your new vegan cookbook, JoyFull! How did the idea for this book come about?

RD: After studying nutrition, being a dietitian in a hospital and studying Ayurveda, I learned and practiced so many things that changed my life from the way I eat to the wellness practices I use during the day and I wanted to share this with others in hopes to do the same for them!

VOICE: Tell us the story behind the name of your cookbook.

RD: I believe that life should be about creating more moments of joy each day, and we have the choice through what we eat, the thoughts we think, and our daily practices to do this for ourselves. JoyFull is alive, colorful and full of goodness for the mind, body and heart to give people those moments of joy!

VOICE: What recipes can readers expect to find JoyFull?

RD: Everything from chipotle bean crumble and avocado quesadilla to tagliatelle with roasted red peppers, spicy bean burgers, healthy curries, lentil dishes – and of course, cheeky treats! Basically, there is a dish for everyone and every desire!

VO: We love that veganism extends beyond your diet and into your lifestyle. What are some of your favorite cruelty-free beauty products?

RD: I love Ranavat, Live Tinted, OSEA, Milk Makeup and Ilia.

Radhi Devlukiya

Courtesy of Radhi Devlukia

VO: You’re also an avid yogi. What parallels have you found between yoga and veganism?

RD: Yoga means connection with yourself, nature and everything and everyone around us; compassion for all is a universal principle of both.

VO: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

RD: We need to learn to listen to our body more than what others tell us is good for our body. Our body speaks to us every day at every moment and getting back to it is the beginning of improving our health!

Ready to dig into Devlukia’s delicious recipes? Purchase JoyFull online now!

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