Update on TV star shares after devastating news

Real Housewives of Sydney star Caroline Gauthier shares an update on her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer while Caroline was filming.

Real Housewives of Sydney star Caroline Gauthier shares an update on her mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer while Caroline was filming the show.

The reality star was told the devastating news while cameras were watching the BINGE series, with the star breaking down in tears in front of the cameras.

In his second appearance this season on Joel Creasy’s The ROSES official podcast of Nova Entertainment, Caroline said she had a choice whether she wanted these scenes to be aired or to keep the moment private.

“I had a choice whether I wanted to make it public or not,” she told Creasy. “It was 100 percent my choice. So I talked to my mom and she said, “Look, I was born in show business, I’m going to die in show business.”

Joel Creasy invited Caroline Gauthier to his official RHOS podcast.

Caroline shared health information about her mother on the podcast.

Caroline’s mother was a famous actress and journalist in Prague and is more stubborn than the boisterous former model. In her late 70s, she says she has had good results and wants to spend her final years living her life rather than undergoing treatment.

Caroline respects her mother’s wishes, but she still has a hard time with the thought of her mother passing away.

“Sometimes I can talk about it, but I don’t want to ruin my makeup,” she said on the podcast.

“It comes in waves. It’s a whole thing. I wasn’t well for two years after my dog ​​died, so I really don’t know how he’s going to get better. This is a whole new experience for me. Try. Sometimes to do it, sometimes not.

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During filming, Caroline was told about her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

The star is comforted by classmates after receiving the news.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Caroline couldn’t help but criticize her colleagues’ inability to move on from the drama.

“Who has time? Say what you have to say, hear the other person’s point of view, think a little bit and then say sorry or make up or whatever and move on,” she said.

“I think we have a bit of a problem moving forward.”

This week, ROSES fellow cast member Terry Biviano arranges a trip for the girls to Tokyo to help Caroline get her mind off her mother. But the girls’ getaway quickly turned sour when Terry and Chrissy Marsh got into a confrontation while tasting sake.

Terry Biviano has a tense confrontation with Chrissy Marsh.

Chrissy feels that Terry is not protecting her.

Essentially, Chrissy feels that Terry is constantly siding with fellow cast member Dr. Kate Adams, even if Terry has been friends with Chrissy for a longer time.

“I think Chrissy thought they were BFFs,” Caroline said. “I think Terry’s perception of their friendship is different and that’s why the fight was.”

Caroline was there with the duo when the tension flared, but she steered clear of him and continued to drink her sake and gin – both bottles.

“This particular argument is about their friendship, which I am not familiar with. So I can’t comment on that because I don’t know what their friendship was like outside the show for 15 years,” she said.

Caroline watched and drank as the drama unfolded in Tokyo during a sake tasting.

“As much as I can comment on what’s going on in front of me, I think most girls, apart from Kate and me, have a history of friendships. So I feel like something might creep into the current friendships or if they have any vendettas or if there have been any issues that I don’t know about and I’ve never asked so I can’t comment.

Caroline said she thinks the drama between her co-stars is “sweet” because it’s not a matter of life and death.

“Problems are sweet. They’re not heartbreaking scenarios where they fight, “Are you my real friend? Aren’t you my real friend? I can’t believe you said that to me too…” she scoffed.

“It’s cute. It’s not really [bad] – did he die? Nobody’s dead… that’s a level I can tolerate.”

Nova Entertainment’s Joel Creasey’s The Real Housewives of Sydney podcast airs every Tuesday after new episodes of RHOS on BINGE.

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