Velocity Clinical Research is transforming the patient experience

• App downloads exceeded 25,000

• For the first time, a clinical trial site has developed an end-to-end system for patients

DURHAM, North Carolina, Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Velocity Clinical Research (“Velocity”), the leading multi-specialty clinical center business, has launched its VISION technology platform to transform the way patients access and engage in clinical trials.

Velocity’s VISION technology brings together patient experience and recruitment capabilities in nearly 100 locations worldwide. The AI-driven platform includes VISION Engage, a patient-focused mobile app that has had 25,000 downloads, and VISION Recruit, an engine that offers patient convenience and scales recruitment through intelligent automation.

During VISION’s Q3/Q4 2023 beta phase, patients successfully self-screened and scheduled appointments at Velocity sites in the US More than 250,000 potential patients were contacted and 650+ participants were randomized across 25 studies.

The pre-screening process was accelerated by 650% compared to traditional methods. VISION automates the pre-screening work of the equivalent of 20 full-time staff in one month, giving site staff more time to devote to patient care.

Raghu Punnamraju, Chief Technology Officer at Velocity Clinical Research said, “We built VISION as a ‘digital twin’ of what’s happening at the site level to increase trial participation and increase diversity. Despite a boom in technology funding and monumental advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, technical advances have yet to translate into noticeable efficiency improvements in clinical research centers.

“Most clinical trials are still failing to meet enrollment deadlines, with most delays occurring at the site level. To achieve efficiency, it is imperative that technology improves clinical trials at their most critical point – closest to patients, in the field.”

VISION Engage has been downloaded by more than 25,000 people. The app allows users to upload health data, make self-appointments and indicate their interest in specific therapeutic areas. The in-app preview feature uses simple questionnaires to assess eligibility, with a learning algorithm refining its assessment over time. The app is also being developed to streamline training grants with in-app payments, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing the administrative burden on site staff.

VISION Recruit accelerates the process of recruiting participants. It uses advanced algorithms to match potential participants to specific inclusion/exclusion criteria, while taking into account trial diversity goals to improve conversion rates. Potential participants are notified via email, text message, or in-app notifications, and the technology uses AI to numerically rank applicants based on their likelihood of eligibility for specific studies.

Dr. Paul Evans, CEO and President of Velocity, said: “Velocity scales with a purpose. To date, patient recruitment technology has never been designed by on-the-ground organizations that are perhaps closest to the process, until now. This technology eliminates the handover inherent in most centralized recruitment methods, where patient attrition is most evident. Velocity’s unmatched reach, people and technology accelerate sponsors’ and CROs’ clinical development strategy with better analytics, data and tracking, giving them a higher level of access, control and predictability.”

Velocity will continue to develop the VISION platform, adding insights capabilities using AI and trial decentralization methods in the future, resulting in greater site productivity and participant retention.

Velocity acquired technology company TrierHealth in January 2022. Since then, its Hyderabad-based technology center has grown to more than 70 employees.

The number of Velocity sites is growing rapidly. The company announced its further expansion into Europe in early 2024, acquiring seven more sites in Poland and Germany, for a total of 17 European sites and nearly 100 worldwide.

Velocity sites are fully integrated through a centralized infrastructure and common technology foundation, enabling superior patient enrollment and consistent, high-quality data delivery. As a result, CROs and biopharmaceutical companies can benefit from faster and simpler access to patients in North America and Europe.

About Velocity’s clinical studies

Velocity is the leading integrated clinical trials organization. With nearly 100 sites and more than 220 researchers, Velocity partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to research new drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and combination products that could improve human health and well-being. Velocity offers unified research site solutions to efficiently secure the right patients, investigators and research staff for clinical trials in the US and Europe.

The company also operates a technology center in India where it is unlocking a new era in clinical research by developing innovative systems to leverage extensive site, patient and historical performance data. To learn more about how Velocity delivers high-quality data, exemplary patient care and unprecedented efficiency for clinical trials of all sizes, visit

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